About Me

When I was five years old, I asked my teacher if I could write a story.  Which was surprising:  kids usually ask to go to the toilet.  But I told stories to my classmates at breaktime, often improvising them as I went along.  For better or for worse,  I had inherited the genes of story-tellers from my forebears.  My father read me the myths and legends of Greece and Rome.  I won an essay prize at the age of 12 and the divine madness of being a writer set in.  I wrote my first stories in the 1970s, my first musical in the early 1980s, my first radio play in 1986, my first stories broadcast on radio in the early-1990s and my first youth novel was published in 1998. 

Divine madness, indeed.  Writing is a solitary occupation.  Blessed are those who work in tandem with someone else.  But few works of worth have been done by committees.  I’m a writer.  As a somnambulist wakes, I find myself at it.

At a monastery in South Korea

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